Why food?

Hi, everyone! 😁

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. So, this post is not going to be about any dish that I tried making or so, because I haven’t made anything. 😛 I’m going to use this post to convey to you why I chose to start writing a food blog in the first place.

So, food is a really big thing in my family; from my grandparents to my parents to my elder sister to me. Whatever happens, we want yummy food. Now, obviously, our definition of yummy food doesn’t always match, but for most part (for vegetarian food, because my grandparents do not consume non-veg), it does. My maternal granny (my sister and I call her Naanima) is an amazing cook, and passed this art to my mom as well. My sister is a foodie as well and a brilliant cook. I ask her for help whenever I find myself confused while baking.

I started baking just for fun. But, soon enough, I started loving this beautiful technique that we call baking. Over the past two years, my love for food has grown immensely. I’m surrounded by foodies which makes it easier for me to talk about it. My best friend, Ananya, an excellent cook, has out-of-this-world wonderful baking skills. She and I are indulged in talking about food majority of the time. She’s another person I go to when I need help to clear my doubts about what is to be done further while baking or making any dessert. I don’t cook savoury dishes much; just a few dishes here and there sometimes.

Desserts are my love; I love making them. The fact that I love eating them is a little obvious, I suppose. 😁 Well, I shall definitely update you guys soon about any incredible dish that I eat or any new/old dish that I make. For now, bye-bye! I hope you have a great week ahead. 🙂


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